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There are a many different facets in becoming a great personal trainer. One who knows how to get people in the best shape of their life. It takes patience and understanding because every individual is unique in the personality, eating habits, genetic make up and overall being. For the sake of time I will list three important areas of being a great trainer. (Video)

1. Have your client do exercises that he/she can do well in order for your client to achieve a sense of accomplishment and then once thats established make each exercise a little harder (progressive overload). This comes down to understanding how much intensity each routine should be for each individual client. Intensity and amount of rest time is crucial, be sure your timing your workouts. Any trainer can yell at his client in an effort to overwork the person. Great training requires the patience in getting to know your client.

2. Which brings me to being a peoples person, building a rapport with your client is crucial. If your client is comfortable with you then he/she may book more sessions during the week and not just once a week which equals more work for you. Also, word of mouth travels fast, so if your client likes you, then he/she may refer you to a friend. See Video

3. Be on time and prepared for your session. Punctuality is important. If your client cancels on you last minute, you will charge the client the session, since this will throw a curveball in your entire schedule. In that regard you should never ever be late for a session. Bring your tools to the session. If you go do the Doctors and he walks in the office with sweat pants on you will probably fire him and find a new Doctor, right? He better come in with a lab coat on and a stethoscope…. In this regard you as a great personal trainer should bring your timer¬†note pad and have your routine set up that you plan to do with your client. For more info see other articles and videos

In this video is Robert and my friend Rick

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  1. Ellen Zakin

    Great stuff and so true. I think patience is the most important and getting to know your client as well as making sure you are doing the right thing on the gym floor because people are always watching.

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